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Discover Godolphin, rich in archaeology and wildlife. Travel back in time as you wander around the 16th-century garden, and the undulating landscape carpeted in vibrant bluebells in April and May.

Stroll through the tranquil woodlands and next to the river, admiring the beauty of the nature around you. In addition to the bluebell woodland, don’t miss a chance to explore the gardens at Godolphin; the walled King’s Garden has neat hedges, primroses and is perfect for soaking up the spring sun. In the side garden, which is relatively unchanged since the 16th century, the herbaceous borders are coming to life with colour and scent.

Explore the wider estate, boasting Leeds engine house and stack, the remains of the Godolphin family mine. Don’t forget to visit Godolphin Hill on the south-westerly reaches of the estate. Here you can breathe in some of the best views in Cornwall looking out over St Ives Bay to the north and the famous St Michael’s Mount to the south.




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