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OK, here goes…….

Here at Abbot Coach Travel, we are a bit of a collective so when someone mentioned that it might be time to update our website, we went into it together as a team effort. So how come I have got the job of writing the blogs?! Someone must have delegated it to me 🙂

To be fair, I am usually the one delegating so it makes a refreshing change. My sister, Clair thinks I am bossy. The drivers must hate it when my name flashes up on their phones. And my Dad, well, its great when we agree but not so when we don’t! I wont mention our recent falling out over the interior of the new coach…

New coach, I hear you say?! Oh yes, its being built as I type. As you can see, it has no engine, seats or windows but the paint job is coming on very well. All being well, it should be with us in June.

Dad and Graham are so excited about their new toy!

Talking of Dad and Graham, they took the Gulls Supporters up to Guiseley for the last game of the season… dressed as Minions. For those of you who did not travel, here is a photo

So I think the idea of this blog thing is to get to know a bit more about us so I suppose, it would be good to hear what you would like me to write about. If I am really honest, they are likely to be short and sweet. Send me your ideas please!

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