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NT - Dinefwr

RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Halloween at Disneyland Paris

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Hartland Abbey

Theatre Royal Plymouth

Lake District

Athelhampton house

Killerton at Christmas

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Candlelit Dartmouth Festival

Weston Air Festival and Armed Forces Weekend

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Theatre Royal Plymouth

Theatre Royal Plymouth

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Welcome to the Abbot Coach travel blog; the life inside Abbot Coach Travel!

Abbot Coach Travel goes to Kent

We have a new and exciting tour booked for April 2018.

Murcure Maidstone Danes Hotel

Monday 16th to Friday 20th April 2018

Based at the 4* Murcure Maidstone Danes Hotel

Fully inclusive price of £395 per person

If you are a fan of ‘Call the Midwife’ you’ll just love this 4 night break in Kent.

Abbot Coach Travel will take you back into the 1950’s to follow the lives of a group of midwives working in the poverty-stricken, post-war East End of London

The TV series is based on the memoirs of the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, a best selling author, and stars some well know actors such as Jenny Agutter and Miranda Hart.

call the midwife

On the tour you will meet a costumed midwife at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham where many scenes from the series have been filmed. She will guide you through the many film locations and you will also have the opportunity to view the yards where, for the last 400 years the ships were built and repaired and have faced the Spanish Armada and sailed out to the Falklands crisis.

A trip to Leeds Castle shows us how Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon lived. Leeds Castle is a picturesque Georgian mansion.


For steam train enthusiasts there is a special trip to the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch railway where you can take a trip on this superb little narrow guage train.


This is a fully inclusive tour with all transport and entrance fees to all attractions included.

It’s a bargain, so what are you waiting for? Get on board for this lovely trip.






Blogging is fun

and a great way to let everyone know what your feelings are about any particular subject.


I do a part time job for Abbot Coach Travel as a Rep, and I have to say that they are great at what they do.

So, what do they do?   Well here goes:


Abbots Coach Travel is a family owned business that operates as Coach Travel and Coach Holiday specialists.


You can see Abbot Coach Travel on the roads with their distinctive coaches, always clean with smartly dressed drivers.


So, where do you want to go?  You name it they can supply the coach for your required destination.  From 8 seats up to 59 seat coaches they can transport any size of group on the coach holiday of your choice


Want to go on a Ski Holiday with a group?   Take your club on a Golfing tour? They can arrange that for you.

Are you going away on a bowling tour or do you want to go and watch your favourite football team  play their away game, they can do all that for you.


Day trips to places of local interest, Theatre trips and Coach Holidays both in this country and on the continent, they are the guys and gals that can take you. All our drivers have experience of driving to destinations on the Continent.


Do I love ‘em, of course I do.  I’ve known Abbots Coach Travel for 14 years, and they have always maintained and mostly improved on the superb standard of the coaches and the service that they give to each and every one of their clients.  The drivers are renowned for going that extra mile to make sure that passengers are comfortable and well looked after.  The girls in the office are a pleasure to talk to, and always have any relevant information at their fingertips.


So, come on, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with them on 01626 204010

or contact them at

see the website at


Start your love affair with the coach company whose motto is ‘We lead, others follow’


Terri Kennard

Answers or questions on a post card addressed to

Abbot Coach Travel

Drayford Unit, Quay Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2BU



So much going on…

Well, we have so much going on here at the moment, I don’t know where to start.  All I know it that is is all very exciting and I am very, very busy!

As this time of year, my husband regularly says how uptight I am.  Not surprising really when I stop and consider the number of passengers waiting for us to pickup them up and take them somewhere, hundreds and hundreds each day, every day for the next few months.  Every coach company is doing exactly the same right now and when I talk to any of the other companies at this time of the year, we are all slightly less chatty and upbeat than our usual selves!  It does take it out of you trying to make everything fit each day.  But I must say, there is a moment when after all the stressing out and too many phone calls to count, you finally manage to get a particularly busy day all sorted and you feel ecstatic.  This was me on Wednesday when I managed to finally get Friday all in place.  If anyone had been walking past the office at that point, they would have wondered what it was all about.

In other great news, my Dad (aka Boss) turned 60 on Friday and he received a lovely birthday email from Vanhool to say that our new coach is nearly ready for us to drive to Belgium to collect it.  In the next few weeks, you will see it driving around so keep you eyes peeled.

Enough for now, shall blog again soon!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

So I am sat drinking a G&T in the sunshine, pre dinner drink (or two), feeling totally relaxed.

As many of my friends know, I live and breathe my job. I work silly hours of the night to ensure I can take care of my little girl and hubby as well as keep control over my other baby, Abbot Coach Travel.

I value my holiday time very much, it gives me quality family time as well as the opportunity to recharge my batteries. I am not superwoman after all 😂 I had a blood test before I came away and heard from the doctors today that I am anaemic, might explain why my batteries felt a little low on charge recently.

I think the other thing that being away shows me is how great the people I work with, our team, is. We are lucky to have an amazing group of guys out on the road, transporting our wonderful passengers who are supported by a super team in the office. My chance to say I love you guys loads and thank you!

Will blog again soon, I have got the bug 🐛

I am a blog virgin!

OK, here goes…….

Here at Abbot Coach Travel, we are a bit of a collective so when someone mentioned that it might be time to update our website, we went into it together as a team effort. So how come I have got the job of writing the blogs?! Someone must have delegated it to me 🙂

To be fair, I am usually the one delegating so it makes a refreshing change. My sister, Clair thinks I am bossy. The drivers must hate it when my name flashes up on their phones. And my Dad, well, its great when we agree but not so when we don’t! I wont mention our recent falling out over the interior of the new coach…

New coach, I hear you say?! Oh yes, its being built as I type. As you can see, it has no engine, seats or windows but the paint job is coming on very well. All being well, it should be with us in June.

Dad and Graham are so excited about their new toy!

Talking of Dad and Graham, they took the Gulls Supporters up to Guiseley for the last game of the season… dressed as Minions. For those of you who did not travel, here is a photo

So I think the idea of this blog thing is to get to know a bit more about us so I suppose, it would be good to hear what you would like me to write about. If I am really honest, they are likely to be short and sweet. Send me your ideas please!