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So I am sat drinking a G&T in the sunshine, pre dinner drink (or two), feeling totally relaxed.

As many of my friends know, I live and breathe my job. I work silly hours of the night to ensure I can take care of my little girl and hubby as well as keep control over my other baby, Abbot Coach Travel.

I value my holiday time very much, it gives me quality family time as well as the opportunity to recharge my batteries. I am not superwoman after all 😂 I had a blood test before I came away and heard from the doctors today that I am anaemic, might explain why my batteries felt a little low on charge recently.

I think the other thing that being away shows me is how great the people I work with, our team, is. We are lucky to have an amazing group of guys out on the road, transporting our wonderful passengers who are supported by a super team in the office. My chance to say I love you guys loads and thank you!

Will blog again soon, I have got the bug 🐛

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